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All Aboard! Catching a train down to SCMEA

Tomorrow I'm heading down to Columbia, SC to give a poster session on the research I have been working on with MeHaley Babich and Dr. Charles Ciorba concerning Perceived Cultural Competencies of Music Teachers at the South Carolina Music Educators' Association 2022 Annual Conference. At VMEA 2021 in November, I had some incredible conversations with researchers, teachers, vendors, and pre-service teachers about the study. I am very excited for feedback and insight from The Palmetto State!

Together with my co-authors, we are busy at work behind the scenes getting the study prepared to submit for publication.

On a personal note, I spent a lot of time as a freelance cellist in South Carolina once upon a time, and I'm very excited to meet with some colleagues I haven't seen in over ten years.

Perhaps most middle school orchestra director, Dr. Gail Barnes, is now on the faculty at University of South Carolina and will be present! I am very excited to share this research with her and with all of the wonderful music educators in South Carolina. She generously volunteered her time to help with the pilot process of this study and I can't wait to share with her how much the study has progressed!

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